Soul-Inspired Fertility: Enrich the Inner Journey

Whether you hope to conceive NATURALLY or improve your chances of success during IUI/IVF CYCLES,

this course is an empowering,  steadying  and  guiding force

to what truly matters on the journey:


personal health,

soulful wellbeing


a healthy baby!

With wisdom and guidance, I am here to support you in the process.

– Megan Sewell, LAc



Increase Your Fertility

Balance Hormones

Focus on Exceptional Self Care


(A course to help you actualize your dreams of having a baby while deepening your relationship to yourself.)

Hello Sweet Woman!

The desire to be a mother is a longing at the level of the soul.

It can be felt so deeply that anything would be done to increase the chances of conceiving your child.

You want this so badly.

It is your calling.

And Yet.

You are learning it can be difficult to stay patient cycle-after-cycle that does not produce a pregnancy.

The waiting is discouraging, and you wonder what more you could be doing to increase your chances of success.

Perhaps feelings of

anxiety are creeping in

because it’s taking longer than expected to conceive & carry your child.

Maybe you are

questioning your body’s ability 

to even do this.

The timeline is

weighing heavy, leaving you

uneasy, sad, and perhaps even depressed.

you are not alone…

MOST women are overwhelmed at all the information out there about fertility or by how long it takes to become pregnant.

There’s a LOT to know and a LOT of feels!

You may feel like you are already doing everything RIGHT and still no results.

Perhaps you admit that you DO know what lifestyle choices to make, yet Self-sabotaging behaviors are prolonging your success.

Maybe you just need a little Soulful Support along the way to calm the difficult emotions.

Participants who will enjoy this course the most:

Long for a conscious journey into pregnancy

Wish to cultivate a calm and serene mental environment that allows more joy and hope

Desire to shift behavior and cultivate healthy daily practices that will increase chances of success

Are ready to shift the way they think about their bodies and harness their creative power

The Practical Knowledge of this Course

  • Ensures the best chances of successful conception and implantation
  • Improves egg quality
  • Increases circulation to the ovaries
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Builds a nutrient rich, soft, and healthy uterine lining to embrace a new embryo.

The Wisdom of this Course

Will take you home to yourself.

By tending to our spiritual and emotional nature, we increase self awareness and build inner strength.

Consciously enrich your relationship to your INNER WORLD for the purpose of growth, expansion, and transformation that leads to greater and greater self-love, self-respect, and self-care.

You will get SO much out of this course.

Improving fertility involves a multifaceted approach that focuses on maintaining overall health, tending a healthy mindset, and optimizing lifestyle choices to increase reproductive function.


What You Will Receive

15 Pre-Recorded Videos / Audios

Watch and listen at your own pace, in the comfort of your  own home, your time, your mood.

4 PDFs / Worksheets

Accompanying course materials that guide you to identify where your daily habits can improve to increase your fertility.

6 Guided Soulful Practices or Meditations

Soulfully explore your fears and desires around motherhood and shift your mindset when things get hard.


What Makes This Course Unique

Meditations and Visualizations

Positively influence the subtle energy body and prepare your body for new life (hint – you will energize the very life force that naturally creates a baby)

Relaxation Exercises

Increase calm, joy, and serenity  (hint – these have a DIRECT effect on your reproductive hormones)

5 Element Chinese Medicine Approach

Improve function of the fertility systems and hormonal cycles through clear dietary guidance and lifestyle upgrades. (you will begin to see the specific areas YOU can improve on for better health)

So, if you are feeling inspired, encouraged and uplifted right now (and I hope you ARE!)


“I want you to enjoy your life, no matter the circumstances, with a willingness to take ownership and become empowered in your self care.” – Megan Sewell, LAc.

I see women every day in my acupuncture clinic in various stages of their fertility journey. Most women I work with, at one point or another, express the difficulty of the emotional roller coaster that comes each month they do not conceive. I understand the needs of the emotional and spiritual life just as well as the physical needs of my patients.

I created this course to tend to all those facets of ourselves.

With a rich history in holistic healing and a deep love for spiritual wellness, I am excited to take women on the journey of the heart to discover more wisdom, strength and courage to make life affirming choices in the face of difficulties.

I have specialized in women’s health and reproductive medicine because there is SO MUCH to offer in the realm of alternative medicine, and what makes it more powerful is an integrated mind-body approach.


See What People Are Saying About Megan

Wild Sage and Megan has been instrumental in helping me with fertility challenges and digestive issues. I’ve been going through ART and it hasn’t been until I started getting treated by Megan that I have been able to actually turn around some of the low fertility numbers I’ve had, and even more importantly, have gained new hope. She gave me a detailed plan for my fertility and digestion issues and continues to adjust as different variables come along. I continue to put in the work and follow the plan with Megan’s guidance and I can see real results. It’s been an amazing experience! The ambiance of the clinic is extremely relaxing and beautiful and Nicole is always there with a big smile to greet me. I would definitely recommend Wild Sage to anyone! Thanks Megan and Nicole!


I highly recommend Megan at Wild Sage Acupuncture for any wellness needs, and especially for fertility support.

I started working with Megan in July 2022 after trying to conceive for over a year. She listened to my story, history, concerns, and desired outcomes. From my initial appointment, she established a treatment protocol and there was always open communication about my needs and the support that she would be providing.

She is extremely knowledgable in the inter-workings of the body and the way that supplements can detract from or support healing in various ways. She was a great consult when I was trying to balance my hormones.

Through acupuncture, she was able to help my body regulate, and I was able to conceive in November 2022 (miscarriage) and again in January 2023. She was able to see me the day I began miscarrying and was an incredible emotional and physical support during that time. She helped my body heal faster in order to conceive again quickly. I have no doubt that working with Megan propelled my healing and enabled me to conceive. I have continued to work with her throughout pregnancy as various symptoms arise.

Megan is very professional and also exudes the most warm and loving energy. I have always felt heard and supported in her care. I would recommend her clinic and her services to anyone wanting support through fertility, or any other health issue. I will always consider her a critical member of my care team, and a dear friend.


Megan is SOO wonderful! I have been seeing her for about 8 months now, and I absolutely love going to see her. Megan is full of empathy and compassion, is such a great listener, and is so welcoming. She is full of knowledge, and has done so much for my physical and mental health. I started seeing her for women’s health issues, and after seeing her for only about 6 weeks, I had my first natural period in years. She has created a beautiful, welcoming space, with the kindest staff, and is truly a joy to be working with.


I highly recommend Megan and Wild Sage. When I first went to her I’d gotten off of birth control and hadn’t had a regular period in almost two years. My period either didn’t come or came heavily for too many days. After just a few treatments my period came back and I’ve had it regularly (5 day cycles every 30 days) ever since, almost two years at this point. I can count on it like clockwork. I had a couple months where my period was exceptionally painful and I visited Megan and my following periods were back to normal. I personally had no idea that acupuncture could be such a huge help with menstrual cycles before meeting Megan, but it’s been a game changer for me. When I decide it’s time for me to try to get pregnancy I will 100% be visiting her to help make sure everything is on track. I’m one grateful customer!


Megan healed me in ways I didn’t know I needed in addition to what I did need. She helped alleviate the digestion, gastric, menstrual and migraine issues I came to her for. And along the way she helped me overcome some of my biggest anxieties and insecurities. Her expertise and calming demeanor make all the difference! I will forever be thankful I found Megan & her practice.