Soul-Inspired Fertility: Enrich the Inner Journey


Soulfully Increase Your Fertility and Balance Hormones Through Body Wisdom, Ancient Healing Practices, and Chinese Medicine

Intro / Welcome

  1. Video: Introduction: A Journey to Conscious Conception
  2. Video: What to expect from this course

Cultivating Fertility From Within: Healing and Empowerment

  1. Audio: 4 Direction Prayer: Setting the Container
  2. Video: Fertility and the Power of Intention: Harnessing the Soul’s Desire (Prompted Writing Experience)
  3. Video: Fertility is Natural Intelligence (Guided Meditation)

Chinese Medicine of Health: Self Knowledge is Power

  1. Video: Discover Your Elemental Influences: The 5 Commanding Spheres
  2. PDF Questionnaire of Systems Review: (Discover what needs more attention / focus your self care efforts)

Nurturing the Seed Within: How We Influence Hormones on a Daily Basis

  1. Video: Enhancing Fertility with 4 Pillars of Self Care
  2. Video: Sun Cycle Diet   a. PDF: Sun Cycle Diet
  3. Video: What to Eat   a. PDF: Egg Quality Grocery List    b. PDF: Insulin Resistance
  4. Video: Hydration   a. PDF: Hydration Schedule   b. PDF: Tracking Ovulation
  5. Video: Beauty Sleep (see "Queen of the Darkness" Meditation below)
  6. Video: Connection to Nature      a. Video: A Word on Exercise

Mind Medicine: Finding Stability Along the Way

  1. Audio: Queen of the Darkness: Enjoying the Stillness
  2. Audio: Preparing the Land for New Life
  3. Audio: Burden Basket: When Things Get Hard

In Closing

  1. Video: Closing Video