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Relora (Pure Encapsulations) is a wonderful calming agent for over-active adrenal and CNS. Also has a calming effect on the appetite. Use to combat sugar cravings, over-eating, anxiousness. A good supplement for PCOS type symptoms when hormonal imbalance drives anxiety and cravings.  It’s a proprietary compound derived from Hou Po (magnolia bark) and Huang Bai (phellodendron).


This synergistic combination of extracts helps promote positive mood and helps mediate everyday stress-related emotions, eating behavior, and muscle tension. The magnolia and phellodendron fractions may bind to key central nervous system receptors, including those for GABA and the serotonin transporter, which encourages feelings of satiety and relaxation. A pilot clinical trial reported that Relora® was well tolerated and helped promote emotional wellbeing.

• Helps moderate occasional stress
• Promotes relaxation
• Made with hypoallergenic, vegan ingredients