Immune Defense Accelerator Pack

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For Anyone with immune related conditions / frequent colds / combatting SLC’s bad air issues, etc.

For Male Fertility: Wide spectrum support for motility, count, and morphology.

Includes the following products:

  • One Daily I 90 tabs ($59.96)
  • AntiOxidant Formula 120 caps ($57.50)
  • Myco Forte 200 caps ($57.89)

These are our “go-to” supplements for ongoing, long-term immune support.

  1. One Daily Multivitamin – this is the essential foundation and we ALWAYS need to have this covered.
  2. AntiOxidant Formula – Wide-spectrum immune support that includes Zinc, Selenium, Vit A and E along with N-Acetylcysteine.
  3. Myco Forte – A powerful blend of adaptogenic mushrooms that are legendary for their immune-boosting properties.

General recommended dosing:

  1. One Daily – 1 tablet in the AM.
  2. AntiOxidant – 1 tablet in the AM, 1 at bedtime
  3. Myco Forte – 2 – 4 capsules in the morning – just before or with breakfast.

To learn more about these combinations and get some basic dosing guidelines you can request a free initial consultation to find out if our remote treatment program is right for you.

NOTE: The names of these starter packs in NO WAY implies they are a "cure" for the conditions presented. Every case is unique, and while our clinical experience has been favorable using these supplement combinations in clinic with similar cases, your results may vary. Also, in the absence of direct consultation with us, we are not able to provide a specific dosing regimen.