Endometriosis Fertility / FET Accelerator Pack

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Key supplements we’ve used in clinic to help many of our Frozen Embryo Transfer patients finally succeed even after multiple failed transfers.

Includes the following products:

  • Ubiquinol 100mg – 60 softgels ($50.00)
  • Natto-Serrazimes 120 CAPS ($58.95)
  • NAC 600mg – 90 vcaps ($32.35)

Key supplements we’ve used in clinic to help many of our Frozen Embryo Transfer patients finally succeed even after multiple failed transfers.

All these supplements are considered safe to take after transfer and even throughout pregnancy if one wishes to do so – with the guidance of a qualified health practitioner, of course.


A very important nutrient for micro-capillary health and function – which not only helps with egg quality by helping get more nutrients into the follicle via micro-circulation – it also helps the integrity of the uterine lining.

In ADDITION – CoQ10, which is the nutrient the body makes from Ubiquinol, is the most abundant nutrient in heart muscle. Therefore, as far as I am concerned, this not only helps mom but also helps baby’s heart. My clinical experience seems to bear this out as we rarely see miscarriages in our patients who get pregnant with IVF and PGS-tested embryos AND we also see a relatively low incidence of miscarriage in our natural fertility patients as well.


N-Acetylcysteine is a natural precursor of Glutathione, the body’s most potent antioxidant.

In my experience treating hundreds of cases of endometriosis with embryo transfer, it is a powerful way to cool the inflammatory cycle that often accompanies endometriosis both from an immune perspective and over-sensitive estrogen dominant perspective. Take 1 in the AM and 1 at bedtime.


Nattokinase is a naturally occurring enzyme in “Natto” or fermented soy. The “natto” is isolated from the soy (so don’t worry about any hormonal interference).

This enzyme in my experience has two very important implantation-boosting properties:

  1. It is a gentle anti-clotting agent (not a BLOOD THINNER, but helps the body to not form clots in excess).
  2. It is also very helpful in giving the body the enzymes it needs to soften and breakdown proteins to allow for implantation of the embryo.

Side Effects

There are no side-effects expected, however in some cases I have seen a little bit of spotting after transfer that may be intermittent until the supplement is discontinued. HOWEVER, I want to emphasize that – especially in cases of repeated failed transfers – if spotting is present and mild and absent of pain it is nothing to be concerned about and if you’ve never had spotting before after transfer and have never stayed pregnant after transfer, this could be a good sign that the lining is soft and squishy enough for implantation to be taking place. So don’t panic.

To learn more about these combinations and get some basic dosing guidelines, you can request a free initial consultation to find out if our remote treatment program is right for you.

NOTE: The names of these starter packs in NO WAY implies they are a "cure" for the conditions presented. Every case is unique, and while our clinical experience has been favorable using these supplement combinations in clinic with similar cases, your results may vary. Also, in the absence of direct consultation with us, we are not able to provide a specific dosing regimen.